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Mutiny is a free, open-source 3D engine and toolkit with a specific focus on cross platform support and development (see supported platforms). It can be used directly with the C++ language. It provides a C++ API similar to the commercial Unity product. There is emphasis on keeping classes, methods and parameters as close as possible unless it specifically conflicts with any C++ design pronciples (see differences).

Mutiny provides a suite of editor tools to help organise a project, set up scenes and modify assets. The tools themselves are written using the engine itself so not only does this reduce dependencies but anything that is displayed in the tool is going to look very similar to what is seen in the final game (unless modified via a shader).

Though Mutiny provides editor tools, they are not required to develop the software. This specifically is a benefit for existing development workflows but also allows for easier integration with build servers and continuous integration.


Both the engine and editor components of Mutiny are licensed under version 3 of the GNU Public License (GPL). The media files such as icons, example assets and documentation are released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 licence.

See the file COPYING for more details.

Current Status

Mutiny is under active development, though there is still much to be done. However, the engine has already been used for the development of both a cross platform commercial game (Defile of Eden 2) and an entry during a 24 hour games competition (Baastud). The main architecture for the C++ API is in place but some methods are missing. However, these are often quite easy to fill in as needed. The editor suite is also under active development but only the animation editor is usable at this stage.

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