Mutiny - Game Engine


The following screenshots show Mutiny at varying stages of development. Some of these screenshots come from test demos which you can also run in your browser. Head over to the demos page to try them out.


An early version of the Mutiny Editor showing the ability to explore the assets and preview models. All GUI components (even the menu bar) have been implemented using Mutiny's GUI system. Not only does this help to give a more consistent look and feel with the rest of the application but it also means that the editor is just as portable as the engine itself.


Baastud was developed within a 24 hour games competition. It used an early version of Mutiny and provided a great opportunity to fill out the missing gaps in the API. The visual effects were achieved by disabling lighting and using a simple shader to blur the original image and overlay it onto the existing image. This was mainly an attempt to hide the fact that the wolf and sheep models were very simple and low poly.


Drunken was the result of a quick experiment to see what hand drawn textures would look like when used in a 3D game. Different shader effects (including the one used in Baastud) were applied to see if it could be improved. The results were interesting but did not quite justify finishing the game.

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