Mutiny - Game Engine

Supported Platforms

Mutiny is written in a portable manner and thus has the potential to support a wide selection of platforms. The availability matrix below shows the current status of the project.

Platform Engine Editor Tools
FreeBSD yes yes
Linux Yes Yes
OpenBSD yes yes
Windows yes yes
HTML5 / WebGL yes no
Android WIP no

Note: More platforms will be added as they are complete. It is likely that platforms requiring "developer licenses" or other forms of DRM will be least supported due to lack of interest (and market share).

Simple DirectMedia Layer

Whilst SDL is a great asset and together with the Emscripten C++ to Javascript compiler has made the pluginless HTML5 / WebGL port possible, some work is to be undertaken to provide alternatives to it in the main engine. This is to ensure that Mutiny remains portable to platforms which do not support SDL. It should also protect the engine from any breaking changes between future versions of SDL. In general, this means that users of UNIX-like operating systems will have the greatest amount of flexibility and choice of what libraries they will need to install which is definitely worth the extra work.

So far, SDL_image can be substituted with using libpng directly. This is useful to reduce dependencies (i.e SDL_image requires libpng anyway) but also means that if the engine is compiled in this way, only PNG formatted images will be supported.

The next planned additions are OpenAL, libogg, libvorbis as alternatives to SDL_mixer and then finally libglut (or freeglut) can provide the GUI render context in place of SDL.

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